• Migrated to following end of beta period
  • Added map folders for organizing maps
  • Added smooth animation to collaborator cursors
  • Added option to use a time delay symbol (hash marks) on connectors to represent a significant delay in the time it takes for an effect to play out relative to other effects on a map
  • Added connection error message when saving fails due to network errors
  • Updated Mapping Guide (and link to PDF) to reflect latest changes


  • Removed the condition that a leverage point must first be a focal point (i.e. must belong to more than one feedback loop)
  • Changed name of nodes from “interest points” to “variables” to imply scalability and things changing over time
  • Updated color palette for connector arrows for color blind friendliness and to avoid the “good” and “bad” connotation some perceive with green and red
  • Increased click area for connectors when canvas zoom is less than 100%
  • Increased the size of tool tips
  • Improved resolution for retina screens (MacBook Pro)


  • Fixed occasional unwanted data transfer between open maps
  • Fixed occasional blank screens when navigating with browser controls
  • Fixed occasional issue of zoom controls not displaying
  • Fixed issue of map previews occasionally showing upside down or black
  • Fixed issue of lost feedback loops naming and ordering is lost when a map is cloned
  • Fixed MacBook Pro screen retina offset issue